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Tears are God’s gift to us, They are our holy water. They heal us as they flow. Rita Schiano   When you open your life to the living All things come spilling in on you And you’re flowing like a river. The Changer and the Changed You’ve got to spill some over Spill some over Spill some over Over all. Chris Williamson — Waterfall     TEARS ON THE...

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THE ENGAGED MYSTIC MATTHEW 25 About one third of the time I write from the perspective of the “engaged mystic.” This posting is meant to set a foundation for that perspective which I often use but have never defined. Thich Nhat Hanh speaks of Engaged Buddhism which I enormously respect but I resist the confines of any single spiritual tradition in my writing, so I...

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INTO THE STORM For the most part I live a rather sedate life. I rarely take physical risks but when storms come, I simply love going out into the midst of them.    The raw power of stormy weather is an excitement that can only be experienced in that setting. I even like it when the harsh wind pushes hard, and I have to lean forward to walk. Storms change the...

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  For the most part when I feel close to my Soul I feel at peace, whole and content. In these moments the world makes the most sense to me and I feel at home with whatever I am doing. The most mundane things: washing dishes, driving to work, drinking tea all carry the imprint of the Divine in those moments. They all become a form of meditation as I attempt to...

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Jaws: The Movie and its Archetypes I arrived home on Thursday after what seemed like a long day and actually long week of work ready to settle in for what I hoped would be a perfectly mundane Thursday Night Football game between the Patriots and Giants. After preparing a relatively good evening meal as I sat down, I discovered the movie Jaws was on which felt like a...

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War is sweet to those who never experienced it. Erasmus Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity. George Carlin Dad, how do soldiers killing each other solve the world’s problems? Calvin and Hobbes   A NOT-SO-MODEST PEACE PROPOSAL War has been almost constant throughout human history. Since the beginning of time efforts at containing this horror have quite...

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  I have had a rule for my blog that I don’t sell things here but today I am going to break that rule by announcing that my memoir, “An Ordinary Childhood,” is finally available on Amazon. This project was begun in the early 2000s with early drafts and scribblings. I abandoned it for quite a while but reclaimed it in 2015. And since that time, it has been...

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Spiritual Conundrums

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         SPIRITUAL CONUNDRUMS Throughout the history of spiritual and theological reflection there have been certain staples of thought about the Divine. These include; God is all powerful, God is all knowing, or God is perfect. Reflection on the nature of the Divine literally fills many libraries with thousands of volumes. Part of the problem with our efforts to...

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OUR NATIONAL SHADOW II This posting is a follow up to the previous one discussing our national, collective shadow which is so dominant in these tumultuous times. This posting attempts to fill this out more and especially see its connection to us and our individual shadow. Trump is the mouthpiece for the undercurrents running throughout American culture. He expresses...

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TRUMP AND OUR NATIONAL SHADOW I have not written from the perspective of the engaged mystic since late November of 2018. This is the place where I reflect on our political atmosphere through a spiritual lens. Primarily I have not written in this voice because I have found the pain that is around us to be incredibly overwhelming and horrific. This involved me in...

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