Spiritual Themes in TV’s “Big Bang Theory”

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I love finding Spirit in the midst of ordinary life. The Divine reveals itself at the dinner table, walking in nature, doing the dishes, in conversation with a friend and for the purposes of this posting on an often hysterically funny television program. The Divine is spread throughout every episode of The Big Bang Theory. Mythic and spiritual themes are captured in...

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On Reactivity

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A great deal of emphasis in spiritual development is focused on being less reactive. This is a crucial spiritual achievement around which swirls a lot of misunderstanding, mythology and even puritanical demands for immediate achievement. In this posting I will make several comments about the awareness that underlies decreasing reactivity and then discuss two...

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A Great Read

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I know I have read a great book when I feel sad as I finish it. I finished Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, by JD Vance and I wanted two hundred more pages. This is one of the most soulful books I have read in years. It chronicles the author’s life from early childhood in Kentucky to adolescence in the Appalachian region of Ohio to...

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Pathways to the Soul

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I have labeled my practice, website and blog “Pathways to the soul” because to me it is all path. Everything we do is part of a spiritual path. Secondly, the work I do is about accessing the Soul. The real purpose of depth psychotherapy is to free the personality so that it facilitates living from one’s Soul. Acknowledged or not every step is a part of the path....

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Letting Go II

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The last posting on this site was part one of a two-part exercise focusing on the process of letting go or releasing of issues which can plague our lives. That posting was essentially a self-inquiry exercise designed to help people explore an issue from several angles. Today’s posting is a visualization focused on the energetic aspects of the process. Before...

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Letting Go

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Letting go is one of the most important and least understood experiences on the spiritual path. We often hear the admonition to “Let it go.” And also discover that at times it is easier said than done. The phrase letting go is somewhat of a misnomer because it implies a sort of passive approach where you do little more than open your hand and it floats away with no...

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The Broken Malas

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One of the spiritual practices that has been important to me for several years has been the reciting of a mantra which is a sacred Sanskrit phrase repeated over and over. An aide in this process is the mala which is a string of 108 beads. The mala is held in one hand between the thumb and forefinger and with each repetition another bead is held until the entire...

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Trump’s Remaining 1340 Days: Spiritual Strategies

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We have survived the first one hundred days. The good news is that the apocalypse has not yet occurred. The bad news is that one hundred days is a mere 6% of a presidential term. There are 1340 days left in this term. And a great deal of hateful, dark, regressive work is going on. The immigrant ban, the wall, repeal (and mostly don’t replace) the ACA, dismantling of...

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Guilt, Sorrow and Powerlessness: the Convoluted Emotions

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I am writing this post about the way guilt, sorrow, sadness and powerless get confused, distorted and convoluted in many situations. In the process healing is blocked. In my clinical practice I often see people feeling guilty for events which really call for sadness or sorrow not guilt. Guilt implies that we have some influence over an event. It is clear to me that...

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Recovering Sacred Spirits II

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God sleeps in minerals, awakens in plants, walks in animals and thinks in humans. Sanskrit aphorism Quoted in Reason and Wonder: Copernican Revolution in Science and Spirit by David Prueit (My last posting focused on the experience of rediscovering the Spirits that children find inherent in everything. In this posting I continue with this theme and see it from and...

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