Welcome to My Website



I have established this website with two purposes in mind:

  1. To introduce myself and the services I provide.
  2. To provide a variety of resources which may be helpful in exploring personal and spiritual growth.

After you explore this site feel free to contact me at drcampbell200@charter.net or 508-829-5510.





We are all combinations of wounds and wisdom and throughout my entire professional career I have had a passion to explore both. Psychotherapy is often a valuable experience to unlock trauma, dysfunction and blocks to happiness, growth, fulfillment and spiritual development. And as the blocks are cleared out spiritual skills like meditation, dream work and writing can foster both inner peace and the ability to connect with higher realms, mystic consciousness and living in the fullness of who we were born to be.

I hope your experience with this site is positive and productive.

Please feel free to use the material here in any way which is helpful and to contact me.