Letting Go II

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The last posting on this site was part one of a two-part exercise focusing on the process of letting go or releasing of issues which can plague our lives. That posting was essentially a self-inquiry exercise designed to help people explore an issue from several angles. Today’s posting is a visualization focused on the energetic aspects of the process.

Before engaging in the visualization, I urge you to take time with the first half of the process so that you can see the issue from several angles and clarify your own contribution to the process. Doing that first makes the visualization process much stronger.

The visualization proceeds in stages from the external to the internal. It begins by disconnecting the energy cords which flow from the object or person to you. Then it explores remaining inner residual energetic connections.

Visualization for letting go

Begin by focusing on your breath. Breathe in deeply and slowly taking time to relax and slow down so that you are prepared to do this work. Give yourself plenty of time to settle in so that you can be fully present.

As you continue to breathe, let yourself create an image of the issue for you. This can be a realistic image or impressionistic and abstract. It can be of a person or object or more vague shape like a sphere of energy. The image can take any form at all. It is in your sight but not close enough to impact or intimidate you in any way. For now, just notice the image. Notice its qualities, color, shape size and texture.

Breathe in deeply and slowly as you see this. If emotions arise notice them and breathe them out. Notice that the image is connected to you. You may be able to see energetic threads, cords or ropes from the image to you. Often these are barely perceptible. Or they may be very obvious. However, the connections appear to you is the way it should be. These connection cords go from the image of the issue to your physical body or to what is often called your subtle body, aura or energy field. These cords keep the issue attached to you. They keep it in place. So notice them and where they connect. Your increased awareness begins the process of neutralizing them.

The next step is to begin to cut them so you and the issue can go your separate ways.

Pause, breathe into the strength of your Soul, the depth of your wisdom and vitality of your aliveness.

Imagine that there is an instrument in your hand similar to a knife, sword or other sharp object with which you can cut these connections. Envision yourself cutting the cords, snipping them back like branches from a shrub that is over grown. Or slashing, chopping or slicing them. You can do this slowly and deliberately or with great energy and speed. Your strength and power allows this. Most people have four or five cords some have many more. Sometimes they go directly from the image to you in a more or less straight line. Or they may be tangled like a vine and wrapped around some part of your body. You can cut them one at a time or several at once with large broad strokes, whichever works for you.

With each cut of the connections there is more freedom growing in your heart so that you no longer need to respond to the issue in the same way. With each cut fear decreases.

Now, once again breathe and view the image. See if it has changed positions. Sometimes if enough the cords are cut it simply floats out into the cosmos where it belongs. Or the change may be subtle and slight. There is no rush or demand.

Now we will move to the inner connections. The energy cords leave imprints in the places where they connected to us. Let yourself scan your physical and energetic body finding those places where there was a connection. As you scan seek out the dark spots that may be in your energy field or any other places that simply feel like they don’t belong there. These are often places where tissues build up after years of struggle. Send loving cleansing energy to those spots. Take lots of time sending healing energy.

Pause and breathe noticing if there are any different sensations in these places. Sometimes the change is very dramatic and sometimes very subtle. Both are appropriate.

When you meditate in the coming weeks you can continue to send healing energy to these places.

Now focus on the breath. You can know that in this time you have done important work. Let yourself be grateful for your courage and creativity in this process. And gradually let your awareness return to the room.

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