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Ah, the joy of a Sabbatical! It’s like an extended sabbath renewing the mind, body and Soul. After taking these three months off from my blog, I can now return to this part of my work with new energy and intention.

I will continue with my blog in much the same pattern as I have employed previously. The focus on spiritual thinking and experience will continue. Over time, four interwoven categories have emerged from my postings: 1. Spiritual Reflections, 2. The Mystical Path, 3. Engaged Mysticism, 4. Nature Mysticism. My own sense of my writing is that Engaged Mysticism is my most unique contribution. So, it may take precedence in the next few months. In addition, I have three other writing projects parts of which I will share from time to time. The first is a memoir. The second is a photographic and prose writing project involving abandoned places. I have become fascinated (borderline obsessed) with homes and buildings once occupied and now abandoned. They speak volumes about our past, present and future. The third project is nature photography with emphasis on closeups of flowers. I’ll share from each of these projects as the spirit moves me. Also, I try very hard to limit each post to three pages or less than a thousand words. This is a limiting format under which I sometimes chafe. In the future I will stay within tree pages for individual postings but will at times use two or even three postings for a topic.

These are difficult times to live in and stay both in the world and close to spirit. The temptation is to either withdraw into spirit or become obsessed with what is happening around us. If we withdraw we leave the playing field to those with dark intentions. If we lose contact with our spiritual roots, we become as dust blown around in circles and eventually, too often, our heart hardens in self-protection. My intention is to find a middle path though this time which is both engaged and anchored in Spirit.

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