The Nothingness of God

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To search for God is to insult God.
Meister Eckhart

The quest for true self and the quest for God is a distinction without a
Parker Palmer

God is easily, and often, misconstrued as a something. But God does
not exist as a thing, any sort of thing, a thing among other things. God is
not an object among objects.

God does not exist as any sort of matter. God has no atoms, electrons,
neutrons, protons or other atomic particles.

Just as gravity has reality but no atoms, so too God has reality but is
without atoms.

God is not a being among other beings, not even the oft referred to
Supreme Being. The Supreme Being is just another being among other
beings, just more so.

God does not exist as other things in time or space. God is neither up
nor down. God has no locality except everywhere.

God has no circumference, no inside or outside. No middle and no
edge. No beginning and no ending.

God is substantial but is not a substance. God is not verifiable. But this
does not mean God is invalid. It merely means God cannot be

God is everything without being anything.

God does not exist as father or mother. God has no gender.
God is not graspable. It is not something I can hold or put my hands on.
God can be thought of but is not reducible to our thoughts, ideas,
theories or theologies. All of those things are merely aides to
understanding all of which need now to be abandoned.

In this light it is important to note that the Hebrew word for God,
Yahweh, is thought of as a verb by many scholars. So, perhaps, we
should be translating the word as “Godding.” When Moses meets God
in the experience of the burning bush he asks, “if I come to the people
of Israel and say to them, ‘The God of your fathers has sent me to you.’
And they ask me ‘What is his name?’ What shall I say to them? God said
to Moses, I AM WHO I AM.” (Exodus 3:13-14) Suggested alternative
translations of God’s statement include: “I will be what I will be.” Or “I
will create what I will create.” My suggestion is “I am the becoming of
all things.” There are no things, substances or objects in the statement

It is fairly clear that very early in the evolutionary emergence of
humanity there was a sense of the Holy, of the Ultimate or the Divine.
There are signs of worship in the very earliest of human archeological
sites. In order to understand that which is ineffable humans developed
metaphors and images as aides in understanding. They also created
numerous forms of scripture to further assist understanding. And to an
extent these things help but they also get in the way for too often they
imply “thingness” which distracts from the ultimate, mysterious nature
of God. All of these aids are the finite trying to understand and define
the infinite.

In addition, it is also crucial to note that Genesis says that
humanity was created in “the image of God.” Most of the world’s
religions make similar statements. The Creator who created all things
and is in all things is deeply embedded in everything including every
person. The Creator and the Created in their depths are One. The
innermost of God is identical with the innermost us. The Creator
fashioned a unity of Creator and Created, of God and Human. I think
this is what Eckhart means in the quote that begins this posting. The
mystic lives not in pursuit of unity with God but instead lives in light of
the already known unity. The mystic seeks to live out the unity in
everyday life. The mystic does not seek that from which he is separate
but seeks what he truly is.

As the ‘becoming of all things,” God is the boiling over of the pure
potentiality of creation. God, then, is the process through which all
things come into being. This eternal unity becomes an act of infinite
love. That which is created is never left by that which creates. That
which creates continues to interact with the creation through never
ending creative energy. The infinite creative force which is the ground
of all reality is one with one with creation, one with the deepest Self of
each of us. That which created remains an ultimately loving presence
always becoming itself in the process. As God creates and remains with
the cosmos it engages in its own personal ongoing creation and is thus
always evolving.


  1. Thank you. An excellent essay on describing what is indescribable. Totally concur. Such wisdom.

    Anne Gilman

    November 25, 2018

  2. Anne
    Thank you for your kind words.


    Graham Campbell

    November 27, 2018

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