Releasing: Letting Go of Conflicts, Problems, Relationships and Issues

This is a unique program focused on developing the skills to let go of a specific issue which seems to block happiness in an individual’s life. It is ideal for those who have the experience of feeling stuck with a problem, relationship, issue or struggle which can swirl around in the mind at length. Meditation, visualization, writing and energetic work are used to help disentangle the issue so that it can be released. In the process, what often happens is that the individual’s relationship with the problem changes.
Participants explore:

  • What they do not see about the issue.
  • How they inadvertently continue to feed it and how to stop.
  • How to disconnect their energy from it.

This program is not so much about solving the problem but changing our relationship to it. It rests on the sense that the only thing we can change is ourselves.

There are three sessions in this program each session is 1 ½ hour the cost is $150 per session. Participants will receive written scripts for visualizations and a CD of the processes. In addition participants will also receive a list of further resources which includes books on the topic, places for further training and useful web sites.
To schedule a first session call Graham Campbell at 508-829-5510.