In this section I provide several resources which you can feel free to read or download if you wish.



Most of the time when I write I do so from personal experience. That is I take my personal experience and integrate it with theoretical or philosophical perspectives. It is important to me that they are deeply interwoven. The truth of my particular experience is vital for me. And I want it interwoven with greater truths.


The Fight”: Reflects on a fight in my neighborhood while in the fourth grade. This essay gives a taste of my book available for purchase as “A Worcester Childhood.” Download it here.

On Giving Up The Wrong Question”: This is an essay about the iconic question often asked of children “What’s Wrong With You?” The answer in the essay is NOTHING. Download it here.


Psychotherapy as a Spiritual Process.” This essay explains some of the basis for considering psychotherapy a spiritual experience. It is more academic than other essays offered here. Download it here.

Personality, Psyche, and Soul”: This essay describes each of these aspects of human consciousness in the context of personal experience in the natural world. It is part of the River Writings collection offered here for purchase. Download it here.

“Leaves, Rivers and Snowflakes.” This essay is an example of what transpersonal philosopher, Ken Wilber describes as nature mysticism. It describes an experience in which normal ego boundaries are transcended while in a natural se
tting. It is part of River Writings which is offered here for purchase.  Download it here.

Chanting” describes an experience while chanting with a spiritual teacher. It is what Wilber would term deity mysticism in which the material world is transcended and merger is less with nature and more directly with God. Download it here.

There are other higher levels of mysticism which for betteror worse I have not personally experienced so they are not written of here. These matters will be discussed in a forth coming book on transpersonal psychology. Hopefully, this book will be available here in fall of 2014 or early 2015.

These are meditations which you can down load and use in any fashion.

Safe Place Meditation: provides time of calmness and stress reduction. Download it here.

Wise Being Meditation: Provides an experience of encountering your deepest personal wisdom. Download it here.


COLLECTIONS OF ESSAYS (these will be available in early July)

A Worcester Childhood.” This is a 180 page book with 24 essays reflecting on childhood experiences growing up in central Massachusetts in the 1950 and 60s. It is available for a cost of $12.50.

River Writing.” This is a 125 page book with several chapters describing a local river and my experience with it for over 55 years. It has been a place of bonding and wounding with my father, of mystical insight and exploration of the meaning of death. Available for $12.50.

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