For several years I have labeled my practice “Pathways to the Soul” because that describes the essence of the work that I do, empowering people to experience a more profound connection with their deepest, most unique wisdom. I offer a range of services both as a psychologist, psychotherapist and a teacher/educator in spiritual development.

Basically my practice is divided into two related but different areas:
1. Traditional psychotherapy,
2. Personal and spiritual growth.


I meet with individuals and couples who are seeking to find more fulfillment and develop a more authentic life. As a psychotherapist I establish a collaborative and interactive relationship in which it is safe to explore whatever issues bring people to my office. I have extensive experience working with the traditional issues of depression, anxiety, grief, mood disorders and trauma. Increasingly, I work with people who are unhappy and unfulfilled and thus are more “dispirited” than depressed. Whatever the presenting issue psychotherapy at its best is an experience in which people go on an inward journey to explore what their life needs now for fulfillment to be discovered.


These services are provided either through a client’s medical insurance or self-pay. When insurance is used clients are responsible for copays. Depending on the insurance, copayments can range from $15 to $35. Insurance requires that I use a mental health diagnosis such as depression, anxiety, PTSD or Bipolar. The number of sessions may be limited according to the severity of the diagnosis.
At other times clients simply opt to pay for their own therapy when they do not wish to involve insurance and its complications. The fee is on a sliding scale from $150 to $110.00 per session according to a person’s income and resources. The advantage of self payment is that there are less restrictions of number of sessions and no need to deal with mental health diagnosis.

Programs for Personal and Spiritual Growth

In addition to my traditional psychotherapy practice I am now offering several new services designed to integrate spiritual and psychological perspectives. These services are designed to provide opportunities for personal and spiritual growth rather than focus on psychological problems or difficulties. Simply click the title to access additional course information.

Introduction to meditationThis is a three session series which focuses on developing initial meditation skills of focus, concentration and breath work.   Participants gain experience using 3-4 meditation techniques (basic yogic breathing, centering techniques and visualization) which will be useful in their daily lives. This program is good for people with limited exposure to meditation who want to start the learning process.

Advanced meditation skills: This three session series works with more advanced skills including rhythmic breathing, pranayama and visualization.  In addition students will be introduced to techniques of brain illumination and the Hindu practice of the antakarana meditation. This program is ideal for those who have some experience with meditation and want increased mastery.

Releasing work: This is a very unique program of three sessions focused on developing the skills to let go of specific issues which seem to block happiness in a person’s life. Issues dealt with are often let go of rather than solved. Writing, meditation, energetic work are used to disconnect, disentangle and alter the participant’s relationship to the difficulty.

Journaling as a path to personal and spiritual growth:  Writing privately from the heart and Soul to explore life’s issues and purpose can be an important path toward deeper connection with one’s inner truth. Participants will be asked to share writings and explore ways to go deeper with it using a variety strategies including of stream of consciousness, structured self-inquiry and dialogue with the Soul.

Soul Care: meditation and visualization techniques are used in this program to contact our individual Soul, the place of our deepest inner wisdom. This is valuable for people seeking to contact energies that are wiser and less reactive than their personalities. This program uses visualization techniques to connect to deepest layers of wisdom available both within ourselves and from the Cosmos.

Dream work: for the person interested in dreams and their meaning in daily life. Sessions explore dream symbols and archetypes as guides for living in the awakened world. Sessions include some instruction but are focused on listening to the specific dreams individuals are asked to bring to the sessions.

Since these are services directed at personal growth and spiritual development and not mental health, they are paid by the individual client. The courses are designed for three sessions and the fee is $150 per session or $400 for the entire course.

Sessions can be scheduled by calling the office at 508-829-5510.

Other Services

Consultation: I work with therapists and healers in establishing their practice. This consultation is focused on both the practical issues of establishing one’s business and sorting out personal issues and blocks to this process.

Public speaking: I am an experienced public speaker. Through the use of humor, warmth and dialogue with participants I establish an atmosphere which facilitates growth and positive experience. Recent topics I have presented on include “Grief and its Many Forms”, “Deepening Connection with the Soul” and “Spiritual Development.” If you are interested in discussing engaging me in a speaking session with your group please call the office at 508-829-5510.