Dream Work

This experience is for the person who is interested in dreams and their meaning in our lives. Sessions explore dreams as messages from our unconscious meant to guide us in our daily lives. The focus is on identifying themes, symbols and archetypes in each dream. It helps participants learn how to listen to their dreams. While some instruction is included the emphasis is on listening to specific dreams which the participant shares.

Skills which are explored include:

  • Learning to remember and record dreams
  • Finding the basic theme(s) of the dream
  • Seeing yourself in every element the dream (gestalt approach)
  • Symbols in dreams (Jungian approach)

Participants will be asked to bring written versions of dreams to sessions to explore, share and listen to.
The cost of this program is $150 per session. Each session is 1 ½ hour. Payment of all three session is requested at the beginning though this is negotiable. Sessions are usually scheduled two weeks or one month apart. It is possible to schedule more than three sessions according to student interest.
To begin this process and schedule a session call Dr. Campbell’s office at 508-829-5510.