Introduction to Meditation

This series focuses on developing initial meditation skills of concentration, breath work, attentiveness and awareness. This course is designed for people who have an interest in meditation but little or no experience and want to start learning the process.
Participants will gain experience with:

  • Yogic breath or mindfulness
  • Rhythmic breathing
  • Alternate nostril breathing
  • A centering technique
  • Safe place visualization
  • Wise being visualization

Each of these forms of meditation are designed to use different skills which impact the meditator in different ways. The goal is achieving an alignment of physical body, subtle bodies and Soul in daily life.
Participants will receive a packet of scripts of all visualizations and a CD of the meditations to use on their own. In addition, participants will also receive a list of other resources which includes suggested readings, places for further training and valuable web sites.
There are three sessions with different skills being learned in each session. The cost is $150 per session payment for all three is suggested at the start though this is negotiable.
To begin scheduling sessions please call Graham Campbell’s office at 508-829-5510.