Soul Care

The Soul is the gateway to our inner wisdom and pathway to energies arising from the Cosmos itself. It is the place within that permits us to be less reactive and more in touch with our depths.
This program uses meditation and visualization techniques to connect to our deepest wisdom.
Participants will experience:

  • Visualization to connect to their inner wisdom.
  • Clearer access to their individual unique Soul.
  • Following passions to Soul.
  • Ability to distinguish personality reactions from Soul responses.

This set of sessions is ideal for people who are at a point in their lives where they want to go deeper within. We are all wondrous combinations of wounds and wisdom. This course increases student’s access to their wisdom.
There are three planned sessions though more can be scheduled at participant’s request. Sessions are usually scheduled two weeks apart. Session cost $150 and are 1 ½ hours long. Payment of all three sessions is requested at the first session though this is negotiable. Participants will receive written text of all visualizations, diagrams of the relationship between Soul and personality.

To schedule sessions call Graham Campbell’s office at 508-829-5510.